With years of years of experience and an extensive reference list NERU is a leader in the field of  slab formworks and load bearing scaffolding systems. With 25 years of accumalated experience, knowledge and proven performance in our field; with experienced personel, technical teams and a technologically advanced factory floor; with patented formwork innovations resulting from our passion for R&D...the results is cost effective easy to use , durable and quality forworks solution keeping Neru at the forefront of our industry at home and internationally.

The Cuplock scaffolding System is without doubt the worlds most advanced safest and easiest to assemble and disassemble, flexible and suitable for most types of scaffolding requirement. It can be adapted for most types of slab requirements and is both economical and easy to transport. 

Very high and heavy slab and scaffolding needs can be easily accomplished with the cuplock system. No other system can allow large scale scaffolding to be assembled at site quicker than the Cuplock System.
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