Our company was founded in 1985 with the aim to provide the the country with the highest quality, technological advanced formwork using the countries own resources, locally manufactured  to service the needs of developing modern construction practices. Initially providing formwork solutions for the rapidly developing construction sector in Turkey our high quality ethos, wide product range and customer service standards started to produce increased customerdemand from neighbouring countries. Today Neru Formworks is one of the worlds leading formwork producers providing forworks solution worldwide. Our factory which is located close to Gölba┼či 26kms outside of Ankara, has a 9000m2 covered area and 11,000m2 open area and provides employment for 120 staff.

Our company has the following approximate manufacturing capacities: Tunnel Formwork : 10,000m2 per month. Various Slab formworks:  20,000m2 per month. Wall and Column Formworks : 5,000 m2 per month. Scaffolding: 50,000m3 per month. Steel Construction: 500 tons per month.
Additionally, our company has an experienced technical and management teams with expert  distributors and agents in a growing portfolio of countries. With technical and after sales support at every stage of your project from both our distributors and our factory we are always there to help each and every project project succeed. Contacting us at the very onset of your project we can assist in ensuring the correct planning and improving the quality,speed and economy of your projects completion.

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