Due to the changing worlds rising energy needs, rising energy costs and depleting fossil fuels developed countries are turning their attention to renewable energy sources. One such energy source is Biogas. First European countries and now American and Canada are starting to see the advantages of producing energy from surplus grasses, biomass and manure.  For these Biogas facilities varying diameters and heights of are needed  but the silos need to have a high quality surface finish with a minimum of visible concrete joins. Also the silos ideally should not have holes in the concrete.

Taking these special requirements into consideration Neru have developed and started constructing as can been seen a special forwork system ideal for the Biogas sector.
This hydraulic utilizing system uses no tie rods to connect the two sides of the forwork The formwork is produced to the exacting standards of worker health and safety and has full CE approval. The forwork is prepared once on the ground taking approximately 2 days. After that the formwork is positioned and the complete diameter shape of the silo can be poured at a rate of 2m per day. For example if the silo is 30m wide and 10 m high then silo can be completed within a week including dissassembly. Importantly the formwork has been designed with minimum man power requirements. To meet the energy needs of our world  this formwork can be your greatest tool.
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