NERU has been producing and distributing tunnel formwork worldwide for over 25 years. There is no other construction technique that can compare to Tunnel Form in terms of speed of construction,  quality of finish, long life, low labour costs with high production levels, proven superior earthquake resistance.

Also due to the system being all steel faced Tunnel Form therefore offers long formwork lifespan, given multiple reuses and therefore offering superior economy. NERU Tunnel Formwork is an attractive option,  with our expert trained technical team providing advanced project solutions and with our factory, using the latest machinery, advanced manufacturing techniques and well trained staff we produce the perfect tunnel form for your project needs. Tunnel Formwork is NERU's expertise. 
  • Economy: Being able to use the formwork for hundreds and hundreds  of reuses drastically reduceds ─▒nvestment costs.
  • Quality: With a near perfect surface finished resulting from the all steel face of the forwmork, only minimal fine plastering or direct painting is required saving follow up labour costs. The use of prefabricated components such as door frames, kitchen surfaces and cupboards leads to standardization of follow up purchasing. 
  • Applications: Can be used anywhere. With its intrinsically fast daily construction cycle and its proven resistance to earthquake and other natural disasters the system can be used worldwide. A simple and systematic that can be taught and learned very quickly by your workforce.
  • Modular: With each projects specific formork needs being produced from many standardized components, these parts can readily stored at the end of the construction. Modifiaction is easy, according to the new projects requirements new components can be added to the existing tunnel formwork and then construction on the new project can then commence.
Some key differences from the Classic system are detailed below.
  • At the bottom of the panels  special strength NPU120 steel profile is used.
  • New bearing system on the formwork positioning sliding mechanism results in time saving and ease of usage for both placement and removal of the formwork.
  • Lower holes is moved up 100mm higher
  • For the tunel form joining process a seperate connecting system is utilized from what is used to connect the panels. Specially designed adjustable fixing props to allow one time and accurate levelling adjustment of ceiling panels.
  • The same adjustable fixing props designed with a free movemnet bearing system for ease of adjustement.
  • Balance Beam connected using non welding method
  • Accesories are all fully galvanized
  • All formworks are oven painted  to international standards in an automated system.
  • Formwork Connectors have been strengthened.
  • Largely manufactured using automated robotic manufacturing processes.


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